Tianjin – Buy

Tianjin has many popular shopping sites, such as BinJiangDao Commercial Street, Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street, BaLiTai New Culture Square, Tianjin Foreign Commodities Market, Tianjin Food Street and so on.

Among them, BinJiangDao Commercial Street is particularly noteworthy. It is prosperous, lively and has become a gathering place for people in the city. It has many functions, integrating commerce, catering and service industry. It is also home to many international brand names.

Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street is rated as a national 5A rated tourist attraction, the highest level in China’s Tourist Attraction Rating system. There are many handicraft shops on this street, many of which are time-honored brands. All types of cultural products with local characteristics can be found here, which has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists.