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Shenzhen University

Shenzhen University (, established in 1983, is a comprehensive university established to aid in the development of special economic zones.

The University now offers 11 disciplines, including 24 colleges, 3 departments and 2 affiliated hospitals. Shenzhen University is also one of the Centers for Liberal Education for college students in China. Shenzhen University has also set up the Jao Tsung-I Institute of Culture Studies and the Liu Yuyi Art Institute, aiming to build an experimental and innovative university with rich cultural connotations and regional characteristics.

The University ranks 601st-650th in QS World University Rankings and ranks 263rd in ARWU by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy. In terms of scientific research and academic journals, the Journal of Shenzhen University (Science & Engineering) was listed as one of the ” Top 100 Sci-Tech Periodicals of Chinese Colleges and Universities ” in 2018.

Shenzhen University values cultural exchanges and talent cultivation and has established cooperation and exchange relations with more than 300 overseas universities; the University is the leading institution on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education as well as the construction of the Pioneer Park for students, which plays an exemplary role in promoting the employment and development of talents.

Southern University of Science and Technology

Southern University of Science and Technology ( founded in 2011, is a public innovative university established by the Guangdong and Shenzhen municipalities. It utilizes innovative talent training methods, and its operations take reference from international advanced universities of science and technology. At present, the University has opened 30 undergraduate programs, focusing on technology and medical disciplines. Furthermore, it combines business, economy, finance, humanities, social sciences, and various disciplines for collaborative development.

Southern University of Science and Technology aims to cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talents with a global perspective, actively promoting reform and innovation. It strives to achieve the goal of establishing a distinguished university with its strength lying in scientific research and innovation. There are 28 departments, and multiple laboratories and innovative enterprises in the University established through university-enterprise cooperation. The University also aims to construct a model that supports industry-university research collaborations and technology transfer.

In terms of talent cultivation, the University trains innovative talents through reform and innovation of the enrollment system and by implementing the values of internationalization, individualism, and elitism. By adopting a residential college system, it provides a good teacher-student community for students to develop in and enhance communication outside the classroom.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen ( was founded in 2014 with the support of the Ministry of Education. It’s establishment complies with the “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools”, and it currently offers 17 undergraduate programs.

The University aims to establish a world-class research university through international cooperation. Since its establishment, the academic discipline construction of the University has been gradually improving. Currently, five schools have been established.

The international teaching and academic environment of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the headquarters of the Chinese University of Hong Kong are in line with the tradition of paying equal attention to both Chinese and English. The University’s allocation of resources for general education and new disciplines has attracted more than 100 famous universities in 29 overseas countries and regions to set up international cooperation and exchange programs. Thanks to this, a large number of outstanding innovative talents with global vision and social responsibility has been cultivated

With the support of the strategic development plans of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the University has set up a Career Planning and Development Office to take charge of students’ career planning and employment guidance. The department not only provides professional career evaluation and planning, but also sets up a better platform for students’ development through frequent updates of various employment trends and information.