Shenzhen – Eat

As a new immigrant city as a result of the Reform and Opening-Up Policy, Shenzhen is undoubted in terms of its diversity of cuisine: traditional Cantonese cuisine, local hometown cuisine, Thai cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, Korean cuisine, Japanese cuisine and fast-food are all available here.

Shenzhen is an immigrant city. Most major chain restaurants from all over the country, but particularly those from Guangzhou and Hong Kong, occupy a place in Shenzhen. For example, Lei Garden and Jade Garden are typical Cantonese-style restaurants which focus on promoting authenticity and provide all kinds of delicately cooked Cantonese cuisine.

It’s impossible not to mention one particular local beverage from Shenzhen: “Classy-Kiss Yoghurt”. Their yogurt is smooth and delicious, and their brand is highly reputed. It’s definitely worth a try if you go past a convenience store.