Shanghai – Eat

Shanghai enjoys the reputation of “foodies paradise”. Apart from Shanghai’s local cuisine,  there are also modern cafés, and western restaurants which are all part of Shanghai’s unique charm.

In addition, the food court is another place where one can experience the local street food culture to the fullest. The famous Zhapu street has a time-honored history of street food offerings. Here, people can taste the most authentic unique snacks from different provinces and cities; The food street of Chenghuang Temple (City God Temple) is also known far and wide. This street is one of Shanghai’s iconic streets, offering visitors local snacks, such as Xiao long bao (Pork soup dumplings), Sheng jian bao (Pan Fried Pork Bun), Cong you ban mian (noodles mixed with scallion, oil and soy sauce), as well as delicacies from around the world.