Beijing – Stay

As the capital of China, Beijing offers a variety of accommodation options to cater to the needs of all tourists, be it a humble hostel or an internationally prestigious luxury hotel. Along the central axis that runs through the center of Beijing from the north to the south, and radiating around the Forbidden City, there are hotels of all different forms and styles. The urban center from Tiananmen to Wangfujing nestles quadrangle courtyards in the traditional Beijing style; the area from Sanlitun to Beijing Workers’ Sports Complex appeals to young and fashionable; the area between Houhai and Nanluogu Lane invites artistic hipsters; and the Guomao (World Trade Centre) region provides high-end luxury accommodation.

Visitors looking for luxury accommodation can check out the list of star-rated hotels on the following website (Chinese) produced by the Beijing Cultural Tourism Bureau.

Whether you are looking for a homestay imbued with historical significance or accommodation close to the natural scenery at the foot of the Great Wall, you can visit the website to find the ideal accommodation for you.