Tianjin – Essentials

Tianjin is one of China’s four major municipalities directly under the Central Government. It has been approved by the State Council as the economic center of the Bohai Economic Rim and was  identified as part of the first batch of excellent tourist cities.

Tianjin has convenient transportation . Its urban area can be easily accessed by metro whether you start from Binhai International Airport or Tianjin Railway Station. Tianjin is just 40 minutes away from Beijing by high-speed train. At present, the Tianjin Metro has opened four lines, covering most of the scenic spots in the city.

The seasonal differences are quite marked in Tianjin. In spring, there is sparse rainfall and is quite dry; in summer, it turns hotter with abundant rainfall; in autumn, the temperatures are moderate; and in winter, the weather is dry and cold with small amount of snow. Spring and autumn are ideal seasons in which to visit Tianjin. The temperature in spring and autumn are the most comfortable seasons to visit compared with the hot summer and cold winter. When travelling in Tianjin, protection against the sun and cold are necessary and visitors should pay attention to weather changes.

Currency: Renminbi
Voltage and Frequency: 220 V, 50 Hz
Emergency Services 24-Hour Hotline: 120 or 110
Police Hotline: 110 or 12110 (SMS) (24-hour reply)