Guangzhou – Top Sites to Visit

Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain is the only national 5A tourist attraction within the urban area of Guangzhou. Located in Baiyun District, which is in the north of Guangzhou, Baiyun Mountain has a long history and unique natural resources. It is known as “the top beauty of Yangcheng”. Baiyun Mountain is a spur of Jiulian Mountain, with more than 30 peaks in total. The main peak of Baiyun Mountain is Moxing Mountain at an altitude of 382 meters. The height of the range gradually decreases from northeast to southwest.

There are eight tourist areas within the Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area. The beautiful, cultural, and ecological landscapes, each have their charm. Luhu Lake, located at the foot of Baiyun Mountain, was completed in 1958 and is one of the four largest artificial lakes in Guangzhou. Luhu Park, surrounding the lake, is the largest municipal park in Guangzhou. The beautiful scenery of Luhu Lake, combined with the picturesque landscape of zigzagging bridges, pavilions, and temples, is a fantastic place for citizens and tourists to relax and take in a breath of fresh air. In Mingchun Valley, there are also many scenic spots, such as Pu Valley, the Maori Sports Culture Village, the First Peak of Tiannan, Dishui Rock, where tourists can not only get close to nature, but also experience exotic folk culture. These scenic spots are all very close to the city, but far away enough to allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle, so it attracts many tourists to come and visit.

The Yuntai Garden is the largest landscaped garden in China, and the Mingchun Valley is the largest natural birdcage in China. In addition, there is also a sculpture park, which is the largest themed sculpture park in China. In Yuntai Garden, visitors can admire the precious flowers and trees of all four seasons. There is an abundance of flora, including endangered plants under national protection.

The high level of foliage coverage, the fresh air, and being away from the urban metropolis make Baiyun Mountain a resort on the doorstep of Guangzhou for its citizens and its tourists. The streams of tourists continue throughout the year.

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Chimelong Paradise

Chimelong Paradise was opened in 2007, and is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou. The European style design, combined with entertainment equipment, an ecological environment, and advanced amusement equipment, Chimelong Paradise is a unique and major amusement park in China.

The park has invested heavily in creating a new entertainment experience for its visitors, importing world-class, large-scale amusements that are in line with international standards and have been certified. The “Screaming Zone” and “Rainbow Bay” areas are filled with a variety of large, thrilling, and exciting entertainment facilities, which makes it the most suitable place for tourists seeking an adrenaline rush.

In addition, Chimelong Paradise has created a “Hobbit Kingdom” for children in which to play. This is particularly suited for families who want a day out. Moreover, the park has a “Whirlwind Island” for families to enjoy and experience exciting activities. There is also a water park, perfect for a bit of swimming in summer, and a Central Performance Plaza for some top-class entertainment and fun. The White Tiger Street is the perfect place for some shopping and leisure. The whole park is divided into six zones, so, whether adults or children, playing or shopping, one-stop experience or service, leisure or entertainment, all can be realized here.

In the park’s Central Performance Plaza and Happy Theater, magic, acrobatics and dance performances are staged every day. The large carnival parade on the main avenue of the park is also held every day. Not only will visitors get to see a whole range of street performances, but they will also get the chance to interact with the performers. During special holidays such as Halloween, the park sets up special activities and performances. Visitors can dress up and truly experience the vibe of Halloween.

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Shamian Island

Shamian Island used to be the site of the British and French Concession in Guangzhou in modern Chinese history. Western-style buildings can be found everywhere, as, even after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the government decided to retain the original buildings. After some renovation and restoration, the island was transformed into a beautiful western-style Grand View Garden, which attracted the consulates and foreign affairs agencies of Poland, Germany, the United States and many others to set up offices here.

European-style architecture can be seen all across the island. The Shamian Church takes on an Ancient Roman style. The Our Lady of Lourdes Church takes on a Gothic style. There are also the customs houses in the classical British style, the British Ice Factory, and the old HSBC Bank. These buildings are unique and are filled with a European vibe. The Baroque and the Neo-Classical styles of architecture are perfectly displayed here. Shamian Island is a peaceful place, and visitors can feel the strong European atmosphere here, enjoy the romantic aura of the island, and comfortably travel through a historical and cultural journey. The first five-star hotel in mainland China was the White Swan Hotel located here on Shamian Island. Situated among many examples of European architecture, the internal design of the White Swan Hotel is inspired by traditional Chinese gardens and Lingnan gardens. The combination of Chinese and Western design makes the hotel shine singularly on the island.

Apart from the European architecture, the cafes, churches, restaurants, and bars on the island are also popular places for tourists to take photos. The island, surrounded by water and trees, singing birds, and fragrant flowers, has a magical rhythm which makes visitors feel like they are in another world.

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The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, formerly known as the Chen Family Academy, is located in Zhongshan 7th Road, Guangzhou. It was completed in 1894. It is a “combined ancestral hall” funded by the Chen Clan from all over Guangdong Province. It was originally built to provide temporary accommodation for the children of the Chen clan and also to place the ancestral tablets used for worship. The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall is the largest Qing Dynasty ancestral hall in Guangdong Province.

The main building of the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall consists of five buildings with three entrances, nine halls and six courtyards. In total, there are nineteen buildings which are all connected yet independent. The Juxian Hall (Gathering Hall) was a place for meetings and worship during the spring and autumn festivals. As you step into the building, you can immediately sense the grandeur and the spaciousness of the hall. The beams of the roof are well-carved, and there is an exquisite and vast folding screen in the middle of the hall. Both the layout and decoration are top-grade. Walking into the hall, it is easy to feel the significant position Juxian Hall once held.

Exquisite buildings can be seen elsewhere in the Ancestral Hall. There are wood-carvings, stone carvings, brick carvings, clay sculptures, pottery sculptures, iron craftwork, and other decorative objects all around the Ancestral Hall. Portraying a wide range of themes, many colors and techniques are used in carving these objects. The Ancestral Hall is a resplendent palace of folk art. These exquisite decorations make the hall all the more spectacular.

In addition to a long-term series of Guangdong handicraft exhibitions, the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall also hold Guangdong folk handicraft exhibitions. If you are interested in Guangdong handicraft, you should not leave this off your list.

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The Pearl River

The confluence of the Pearl River into the Guangzhou River is a beautiful and pleasant view that you can see in Guangzhou. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Guangzhou, the Pearl River cruise is the best way to admire it. You can choose to board the boat at either Dashatou Wharf or Tianzi Wharf. Taking a luxury cruise means you will get the chance to see many landmarks of Guangzhou along the way, such as Guangzhou Bridge and Guangzhou Tower. The whole journey lasts around 70 minutes, which gives you a delightful way to enjoy the beauty of Guangzhou.

The Pearl River is the second largest river in China. There are eleven bridges that cross the river, including Renmin Bridge and Haizhu Bridge, connecting the north and south banks with Fangcun District. Both sides of the bank are flanked with many tall buildings, including the White Swan Hotel and Nanfang Mansion. Dashatou Wharf is the largest wharf on the Pearl River in Guangzhou, and cruises are available at many times throughout the day. Tianyu Wharf is the oldest ferry terminal in Guangzhou. It used to only be available to officials, but now it even offers night tours.

In the evening, the two sides of the bank are illuminated by bright lights, with the moon hanging high. This is the best time for the Pearl River Cruise. Along the Pearl River corridor, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery with a cool river breeze and see the historical culture of Guangzhou. Visitors will be able to spot the White Goose Pool, the Shamien Island buildings, Aiqun Mansion, Xinghai Concert Hall and Yong’an Hall. The “Eight Sceneries of Yangcheng” will all be visible, lit up by the flash of neon lights.

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