Shenzhen – City Facts

On 26th August 1980, with the approval of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, a special economic zone was set up in Shenzhen. This date is regarded as a very meaningful day by the general public. Shenzhen was the first special economic zone in China, and its popularity and influence at home and abroad has been constantly expanding. It has gradually become the core driver behind the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’s construction and development.

Shenzhen is located in the east of the Pearl River Estuary, with Hong Kong to its south and Dongguan and Huizhou to its north. Dapeng Bay and Daya Bay are two famous bays opposite Longgang District, which are in the east of Shenzhen. There are many mountainous areas, with the higher mountains concentrated in the southeast and the lower mountains in the northwest. The highest peak in the west of the territory is Yangtai Mountain, which is 587 meters above sea level, but the highest peak in the city is Wutong Mountain in the southeast, with an altitude of 943.7 meters.

As one of the first pilot cities to implement China’s Reform and Opening-up Policy, Shenzhen has developed rapidly in the past 40 years. It grew from a small coastal fishing village to a modern and industrialized metropolis. This kind of rapid development has rarely been seen in the history of urban development, thus leading to the creation of the term: “Shenzhen speed”. People often describe this new immigrant city as inclusive, open and innovative. Shenzhen, as a city in which elite talents gather, is one of the most desirable cities for young people in China. At present, Shenzhen is one of only two cities in China with populations made up of all 56 ethnic groups.

The motto “Shenzhen welcomes all” not only reflects the inclusiveness and diversity of Shenzhen’s treatment of migrants, but also shows the overall characteristics of an immigrant city. Shenzhen, as the nation’s economic center, is one of the most important centers for technological innovation, finance, commerce and shipping in China. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange, one of the two major stock exchanges in China, is located here. One of the pillar industries of Shenzhen’s economy is the high-tech industry. Therefore, most important internet and communications equipment companies, such as Huawei, Tencent, and ZTE, were born here, and their headquarters remain in Shenzhen. Whether you come to work, live or travel, you will feel young, trendy and energetic as soon as you step into Shenzhen.

Shenzhen, an important tourist destination in China, is known as “the capital of China’s Theme Park and Tourism Innovation”. Since the establishment of Splendid China Folk Village, the first theme park in China, in 1989, it has successively established many other theme parks, including Happy Valley, Window of the World, and OCT East.

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