Macao – Eat

In 2017, Macao was rated by the UNESCO as a City of Gastronomy under the Creative Cities Network. Macao offers to the world an abundance of unique cuisines and the most exotic and delicate flavors. Many of the local snack bars and restaurants have been given star ratings or even Michelin stars. In Macao, you can get a taste of Chinese cuisine, Portuguese cuisine, Macanese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Thai cuisine, Philippine cuisine, Korean cuisine, Indian cuisine, Italian cuisine, and French cuisine, just to name a few. There is no way to exhaust the list of fine food in Macao. Each year, Macao holds several food festivals with appealing discounts, living up to the name of Creative City of Gastronomy, as acknowledged by the UNESCO.

For decades, countless local residents and visitors have gone to Fernando’s Restaurant located at Hac Sa beach in Coloane. It has an elegant environment and serves classic Macanese cuisine.

The Macao Food Festival is held every November in front of the Macao Tower to showcase to the world the rich and diversified delicacies of Macao cuisine.

Besides fine food, Macao is also famous for a rich variety of wines. Visitors can go to the Macao Wine Museum to discover more about wine.

Wandering in the downtown region or the island of Coloane, visitors may see long queues in front of some bakeries. Don’t be surprised! No visitor leaves Macao without getting a taste of the famous egg tarts first!

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