Tibet – Eat

When talking about the Tibetan food culture, we must mention the “four treasures” of Tibetan food—tsampa, tea, ghee, and beef and mutton. Tibetan people typically raise herd animals and therefore beef and mutton are naturally one of their favorite foods. Yak and sheep can be eaten in many different ways, such as raw, air-dried, stir-fried, fried, boiled, and stewed. In addition to these “four treasures”, there are also many other tasty dishes like Tibetan cheese cakes, ginseng fruit cakes, Guanchang (a kind of sausage), Guanfei (stuffed pig’s lung) and staple foods such as butter tsampa, cheese buns, Tibetan buns and Tibetan dumplings. Moreover, Tibetan snacks are quite distinct from those of the mainland.